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Ending a marriage is a challenging life event, especially if you have children. We can help you navigate even the stickiest divorce and negotiate custody disputes, child support, and visitation rights. We work to make sure agreements with your ex-spouse are written with your best interests in mind.

Family law made easy

The most difficult experiences can be easier to get through with the help of someone who has been through it before. We provide experience for you to lean on for annulments, establishing paternity, as well as divorce, whether your situation is complex or simple.


You need a strong advocate on your side to make sure the changes in your family don't separate you from your children or your property.

Adoption and guardianship

Family law needs come in all sizes.  We can help you add to your family or create a blended family through adoption. We will walk with you through every step of the process. We can also help you confirm your rights as a legal guardian.


If your divorce involves accusations of domestic violence, we also provide experienced criminal defense.

Divorce and custody handled with care

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