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Are you ready to start a new business? From sole proprietorships to corporations and LLCs, we provide the expertise to draft the documents you need to get your venture off to a great start. We can also draft and litigate contracts, lease agreements, and other legal documents.

Startup smarts

A solid legal foundation is a key element in the success of your corporation, LLC, or partnership. Whether you are purchasing or selling your business or starting a brand new enterprise, we can help you understand and comply with all applicable laws.


Just like good fences make good neighbors, good agreements make good partnerships.

Contracts made simple

Business transactions can turn on a well-crafted contract. We prepare contracts with your best interests in mind. We also review your existing contracts and litigate contract disputes.


If you are in the business of real estate, we provide the legal support you need to deal with purchases, sales, landlord-tenant disputes, and development agreements.

Supporting business owners

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